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I’ll use this page to attempt to keep an up to date tally of the pluses and minuses of Brexit as they emerge.  Of course, the full picture will take a long time to emerge – Chairman Mao reputedly answered a question about the impact of the French Revolution on socialism with “It’s far to early to tell”.  However, the scores are already beginning to pile up.  Where are we so far?

Latest update Sunday 9 July 2016.

Minuses from Brexit so far

Pluses from Brexit so far

  • FTSE 100 index down from 6340 to 5982 and then up to 6590- largely down to devalued Pound.
  • Boris Johnson and Michael Gove both stabbed in race for PM – but they didn’t really want Brexit anyway, it seems
  • Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader – to be followed by his deputy Paul Nuttall and Chairman Steve Crowther. Is this the beginning of the dismantling of the party and a return to a Leadsom-lead Tory rightwing stronghold?
  • Signs of possible realignment of the internationalist outward-looking centre of British politics
  • Growing signs of a ‘Notyexit’ – the Article 50 will not be triggered until 2017 at the earliest, and very possibly never, when an actual assessment is made of the possible outcomes.  Court cases are lining up to establish whether Parliament needs to be involved in triggering article 50. But what damage is being done in the meantime?