farce2-1024x682Hello!  Welcome to the strange, ever-shifting world of Project Farce UK.  We’ve apparently decided to leave the EU and we don’t have a clue what to do next.  Here at Project Farce we’ll be following developments, asking the questions, sharing possible answers, holding people to account and trying to figure out what to do next.  Follow on twitter @projectfarceuk.

By the way, I am Mark McKergow. I make my living helping people in tough situations with coaching, facilitation and host leadership, and am based in London.  I’ve written four books and many articles.  Not a party political animal by nature, but in general a centrist and appalled by the mess we have been led into at this time.  This is my way of contributing to the process.

One of the tenets of Solution Focused (SF) work (yes, it’s a been a thing for around 30 years in the mental health field and increasingly outside it) is that

“Change is happening all the time.  Our role is to identify useful change and amplify it.”

So I will be on the look out for any tiny signs of useful change in the current confusion and turmoil.  There are huge questions still to answer.  The country may have voted, but the vote was against something rather than for anything.  Another of our SF ideas is that

“What’s wanted is not the opposite of what’s wrong.”

There is much wrong with the situation in which the UK finds itself.  What will be needed very soon is a better discussion about what is wanted.  There have been many assumptions, on all sides, about the future.  It’s time to get clearer on what everyone WANTS from here.  And what difference that actually makes in everyday life.