Is the Brexit backlash appearing on the continent as well as here?

french_illo1The rise in gratuitous incidents of racial hatred incidents in the UK since the Brexit vote is well documented.  I am now hearing of low-level but troubling incidents of anti-British sentiment appearing on the continent too.  A colleague (and retired doctor) has been in touch:

“My son and two other journalists were in France covering the Tour de France.  One asked for a vegetarian option and was offered pate de foie gras.  It seems unlikely that any competent waiter would not know that pate is a meat product.   The others ordered crepes: when they asked for lemon and sugar they were told ‘none left’.  Yet the Frenchman behind them in the queue was offered both.”

“Two friends of Kate’s were stuck at Calais for 6 hours because only half the border control booths were manned.   When these friends grumbled to Kate she riposted ‘You voted to turn your back on a country that is being attacked.   Why do you expect them to do you any favours?’.”

It’s well known that some French folk seem to hold a grudge against anyone who doesn’t speak their language.  But are these incidents signs of a change in tone ‘over there’, as well as here in the UK?  Please get in touch via twitter @projectfarceuk if you have similar experiences to report.

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